Excellence From the Beginning
When an early Henry Ford Motor Company failed, investors asked master machinist Henry Martyn Leland to help sell the plant, but Leland advised them to keep it and make improvements, like installing his more powerful 10.25 hp, one cylinder engine in the Ford chassis. They were convinced, hired him as head of the company, and renamed the car, "Cadillac," in honor of the founder of Detroit, a French explorer named Cadillac. It was 1902, and Leland's superior workmanship was soon felt in every Cadillac. General Motors noticed and bought Cadillac for 5.5 million dollars cash in 1909. They bought a long standing winner. Cadillac's superior innovations and high quality manufacturing have been trend-setting, and today's Cadillacs proudly carry the distinctive mantle of excellence, begun by its famous forbears in 1902.

No. 04290
4" 1930's Biplane

No. 66255
3.5" Tokheim Pump

No. 07553
8" Wayne Pump

No. 07804
2.5ft Tokheim Pump

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