A Farm Kid Named Remington

Shortly after 1800, a hard working farmer around Ilian, New York, had no idea he was growing far more than crops and cattle on his 300 acres of land. In his own blacksmith shop, he labored along with his young son, Eliphat Remington, Jr. (who looked just a tad like Abraham Lincoln), and was regarded as a genius at his work. So when the son needed a firearm for hunting, no problem, he made one...out of scrap metal, no less. The year was 1816, Eliphat Jr. was 22, and his rifle was an immediately success. Neighbors loved it, word and fame spread quickly, and he was in business, big time. It was the first of many millions of fine firearms that Remington Arms Company would manufacture for sportsmen and military uses, and as well, the company produced a multitude of other useful items, including typewriters and sewing machines. Not bad for a young farm boy. Not bad at all.


Remington Chevy

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