A giant was born when “Buckskin” found gold. 
 Back in 1901 in Southeast Texas, when “water was 10 cents a glass and oil was 3 cents a barrel,” it made quite a stir when Captain A.F. Lucas drilled a hole on the dry, barren soil of Spindletop Hill and black gold shot skyward at the rate of 50,000 barrels a day. The Texas oil rush was on big time, and among the couple hundred groups seeking their fortune was the Texas Fuel Company, founded by Joseph S. “Buckskin Joe” Cullinan, along with Arnold Schlaet, a savvy financier. “Buckskin,” as the name implies, was a rugged guy with great experience in the Pennsylvania oil fields, and knew an opportunity when he saw one, and Schlaet shared his dreams. Two years later, their first big gusher came in at Sour Lake, and the company known today as “Texaco” was off and on its way to become one of the world’s greatest oil companies. Today, Texaco operations and products are found in abundance around the globe. It’s more than “Buckskin” ever dreamed of.
No. 57113
Texaco Chevy
Stake Truck
No. 57114
Texaco Chevy
Tow Truck

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8" Texaco

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1:64 scale Kenworth Hauler

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3.5" Texaco

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Texaco Assort.

No. 76402

No. 04293
Texaco Assort.

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